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Specialty Beams is a nationwide structural beam supplier since 1984. We manufacture our wood products from Douglas fir harvested using sustainable logging practices. Our unique product offerings are custom sized and finished to meet your exact specifications. 


  • Large Structural Wood Beams up to 40 ft

  • Timber Millwork & Trusses

  • Corbels, Arches & Rafters

  • Faux Wood Beams & Timbers

  • Rough Sawn, Planed, & Hewn Wood Finishes

  • Wire Brush Finish

  • Timber Frame Home Packages

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Our Pacific Northwest sawmill partners allow us to handle orders both large and small. Utilizing circular precision cutting and digital industrial controls allows for efficient production of timbers up to 18" x 18" square, 12"x24" rectangular, and up to 40 ft. in length.

Smooth Planing:


We offer planing and finishing services for wood beams milled on-site as well as for outside timbers brought in by customers. Our planing process produces a smooth, high quality finish which is in contrast to our more traditional rough-sawn, hand-hewn, and axe-hewn textures.

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