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Wood Beams


Our appearance grade structural wood beams are produced  and used by contractors, home builders and timber framers nationwide. All our beams are precision cut from dried, straight grain Douglas Fir logs to produce a beautiful finished product with minimal shrinkage. If you need consulting for critical structural designs, we can refer you to our trusted 3rd party engineers.

Timber Frame Home Package

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Sizes up to:

  • 12” x 24” rectangular

  • 18” X 18” square

  • 40 ft lengths

Timber Millwork


We pre-fabricate and pre-assemble our custom timber millwork to be ready for installation at your jobsite. We offer multiple joinery options including mortise and tenon, internal, and steel plates. All of our millwork is precision cut by experienced timber framers to produce perfect lines, arches, and curves. 


In addition to solid timber millwork, we also offer many lightweight decorative products such as faux trusses, rafters and columns (against walls). These products are manufactured from solid timbers which are hollowed to allow easy handling and mounting at your jobsite.

  • Timber Trusses

  • Arches and Curves

  • Corbels & Knee Braces

  • Rafter Tails

  • Ridge (Pitch) Cuts

  • Faux (Hollow) Beams

  • Column Wraps

  • Gazebos & Pergolas

  • Driveway Entrances

  • Porches

  • Home Entrances

  • Sign Frames

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Other Items:


We offer a variety of additional low cost wood items such as siding, tongue & groove (T&G), columns, and mantels to complement our beams and millwork . We carry a limited selection of highly discounted rough sawn lumber with sizing 1"x4" through 2"x10". We also supply custom hardware, brackets and plates for easily fastening of our timbers and millwork. 


Bundling some of these additional items with your order can help to reduce unit shipping costs.

  • Bar & Table Tops

  • Stairs & Stringers

  • Curved Stair Treads

  • Decking

  • Metal Hardware

  • Wood Hardware

  • Discount Lumber

  • Wood Siding

  • T&G Ceilings

  • T&G Flooring

  • T&G Paneling

  • Mantels

  • Tapered Columns

  • Flared Round Columns

  • Wood Benches

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Traditional circular saw lines

Smooth Planed

Smoothed to enhance color & grain


Adzed effect for a rustic look


Rough finish using a traditional axe

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